Eco Statement - 'Casa del Fiume' is an Eco-Friendly holiday villa.
The villa is located in the area known as 'The Green Lung of Europe' because of the pure mountain air and is adjacent to The Majella National Park, which was the first area in western europe to get the WWF designation of PAN Park - a park in a Protected Area Network. It is the most southernly point in europe for rare alpine flora and contains protected fauna species such as chamois, brown bear, golden eagle, pereguine falcon and apennine wolf.
Guests are encouraged to treat the unrivalled scenic beauty of this area with respect.
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In December 2011, we installed Solar Panels.

This means that the electricity used by our guests is as GREEN as possible.

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We provide you with ECO products that are 100% biodegradable.

It takes time to find these products.

These product are provided FREE of charge.
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Wood used for heating in the wood-burning stoves is supplied from renewable sources - our own woodlands, where we coppice rather than destroy.

The villa contains low-voltage lighting throughout.

80% of refuse is recycled, including our own on-site composting.
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The water from the Majella mountains flows into the Aventino river that 3 kms downstream becomes Lake Casoli, which is dammed providing us with a renewable source of electricity.

Mains tap water in our area is excellent to drink. People from other areas travel miles to fill up their bottles from the public fountains. The pasta maker 'De Cecco' did move some of their production to other areas, but quickly returned due to the highest quality of water we have here.
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'Casa del Fiume' is built from white Majella stone. The walls are 2-3 foot thick. This keeps the house cool in summer, so that valuable energy is not wasted on air conditioning. During the cooler periods these thick walls help retain the warmth emitted from the wood-burning stoves.
Since we live here too, we offer unrivalled knowledge and experience of the local area surrounding 'Casa del Fiume', which naturally encourages our guests in giving support to the local communities.
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We can give advice on the best restaurants, bars, shops, local attractions, street-markets, wine, local food, festas, sites to see, beaches ............!

We can even organise visits to local Majella brewery, visits to organic vineyards, Slow Food tastings, guided treks and walks in the Majella mountains.